To enrol in a course with Martyr Training Services, either a short course or a full qualification, you will initially need to contact the Office on 0747433400 to discuss the following:

• The course in detail

• Confirm the fees you will have to pay

• The enrolment process

• The need for Training Plans

• The need for a Log Book

• The assessment process

• Any prior learning or current competency

• Other topics you may wish to discuss

Our course enrolment is via our online portal through the course calendar where you will be provided details of the course/s to enrol in.

Details of courses are updated on our web site daily.

When the Compliance Manager receives your enrolment, you will receive an automatic reply from the server acknowledging your enrolment. This reply may include documents that you should read carefully.

  • FIRST AID Includes CPR, Senior First Aid, First Aid in an Educational Setting & LVR.   Click here for more information.

  • DRIVER TRAINING Learner Driver in Car, 4WD, MR or HR Truck. Licencing in Multi Combination.  Click here for more information.

Whatever your training requirements are - We are here to help you.

Please follow the link below for course dates and enrolment.

All course are listed in Date order, you may use the search tab in the top right corner to limit to a particular course.

Simply select the course you wish to attend and complete the enrolment details.  Once we have processed your enrolment, you will recieve a message to contact the office for pament arrangement.

If the specified course dates are not suitable to you, please contact the ofrfice and we will be happy to help.

If you are looking for a specific unit of competency, click HERE to see our full scope of training. Just remember, we are here to help you and your business needs. If you cannot find something you require, just contact us!

Remote Locations – our ‘travelling trainer’ scheme will come to you, conditions apply, just ring the office.



Three people have drowned in less than 24 hours in a horror start to the year.

The triple tragedy comes as new figures reveal drowning deaths in Australia are up 40 percent compared to the same time last year..

Rips are strong currents of water flowing away from shore through the surf zone.

There are many myths about the ocean, but rips are the number one hazard on Australian beaches. Avoid rips by swimming at a patrolled beach between the red and yellow flags.

If you’re swimming at the beach and find yourself being taken away from the beach and unable to get back, it is more than likely you are caught in a rip current.

You can survive rip currents by knowing your options:

  • To reduce the chances of being caught in a rip current, always swim between the red and yellow flags.
  • If you need help, stay calm, float and raise an arm to attract attention.
  • To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
  • Always conserve your energy; the waves can assist you back to the beach.


The best advice is to avoid rip currents altogether. To reduce the likelihood of getting caught in a rip current, you need to:

  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags;
  • Observe all safety signs;
  • Obey all instructions from the surf lifesavers and lifeguards;
  • Understand what a rip current is;
  • Know how to spot rip currents and look for the common signs such as deeper, darker water and fewer breaking waves; and
  • Do not swim in or near a rip current.

For further information, please visit


Rip Currents Schematic

Stay calm. Raise an arm to seek help. Float with the current until it releases you. Swim parallel to the shore or towards breaking waves and use them to help you in.  Watch this clip:


Latest Letter from WHSQ....

Our Reference: 64008

Date: 24 October 2018

To: Ms Lorena Martyr

Dear Ms Martyr,

Thank you for your email regarding the expiry dates on High Risk Work (HRW) licences.
A HRW licence is issued for a period of five years. However, if an additional class is added to an existing HRW licence card the expiry date of the card will still remain the same. This is covered by Section 92 and 93 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2008 as follows:
92 Duration of licence
Subject to this part, a high risk work licence takes effect on the day it is granted and, unless cancelled earlier, expires 5 years after that day.
93 Licence document
(4) If a licence holder holds more than one high risk work licence, the regulator may issue to the licence holder one licence document in relation to some or all those licences.
(5) Despite section 92, if a licence document is issued under subsection (4), the licences to which that licence document related expire on the date that the first of those licences expires.
If you have any further enquiries, please contact Licensing and Advisory Services on the number listed above.

Licensing and Advisory Services
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
Office of Industrial Relations
Queensland Treasury

The most important reason for making your workplace safe, is not at work at all.

Work safe. Home safe.

Congratulations on your deserving win at the 2018 Northern Outback Business Awards on Saturday November 3.
A professional submission outlining your businesses strengths and unique attributes saw you take out the Service Excellence Employment, Education & Training Sector award; a feat you and your team should be very proud of.
Recognising Northern Outback business industry leaders through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, sustainability and overall business success; the Awards also offer recipients a unique opportunity to promote their achievements in marketing and promotional material.

2018 Northern Outback Business Award for Service Excellence Employment, Education and Training Sector


2018 Northern Outback Business Awards Sponsors awardssponsor

Feedback from a recent course held - we love this kind of feedback...


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL HIGH RISK LICENCE HOLDERS.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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