Certificate 3 Guarantee

The Certificate 3 Guarantee supports eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate III qualification. It also supports school students to access training and Queensland's Year 12 graduates to transition to employment by providing free training in high priority qualifications.

What training is a​vailable?

The Certificate 3 Guarantee is targeted at certificate III qualifications because they are considered the entry-level qualification most often needed to gain employment in many industry sectors.

Martyr Training Services offers the following qualifications under this program:

  • AHC20116 Certificate II in Agriculture – Click HERE for more information
  • AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture – Click HERE for more information
  • BSB30115 Certificate III in Business – Click HERE for more information
  • TLI31216 Certificate III in Driving Operations – Click HERE for more information
  • TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations – Click HERE for more information

To confirm your eligibility in a program, call the office on 0747433400 or complete this FORM and return email with attachements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will no longer be eligible for any other course funded under this program on completion of a qualification through Certificate III Garuntee.

Does the individual need​​ to contribute to the cost of training?

Given the benefits that accrue to individuals from training, students undertaking Certificate III training and non-concessional students undertaking lower level training, will be required to contribute to the costs of their training through a co-contribution fee.

The fee may be paid on behalf of the student by the employer or a third party unrelated to Martyr Training Services, but cannot be paid or waived by Martyr Training Services.

The amount of the fee is determined by Martyr Training Services and set out in the flyer.

Program fact sheets