The Short Courses Civil Construction Program funded through Construction Skills Queensland offers competencies and skill sets (single units of competencies or combinations of units of competency) to provide existing workers in the Queensland Building and Construction Industry (see definitions provided in Appendix 1) and those industry workers currently out of work or between jobs, with flexible solutions to update their skills and knowledge in specific and targeted areas.

This program provide opportunities to progress careers and move within the industry as well as enhance individual efficiency and business productivity. Through the Short Courses Civil Construction program Martyr Training Services is approved to deliver training to eligible workers to assist with their up-skilling and cross-skilling. This training will focus on the safety, licencing and regulatory requirements of the civil sector of the building and construction industry.

The availability of this training will assist existing workers to continue to develop their skills and provide access to training for those who are currently under-employed or out of work to build their skills and assist them to increase their employment opportunities or re-enter the building and construction industry sooner. Training and assessment services for the Short Courses Civil Construction program under the current program must be delivered between 01 October 2018 and 30 September 2019. Units of competency funded under this program are listed below

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**Note: The table below shows the short courses and amount funded. For your contributions, please contact our office. 

Civil Construction